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Cottage Lake Garage Doors is the premiere garage door service in the Pacific Northwest, and your best bet for all types of garage door work…

24 Hour Garage Door RepairBlah, blah blah… you’ve heard it all before. Every garage door repair company on the internet, and every business in general, toots its own horn and tells everyone it’s the best. Fair enough, except the people who write these superlatives don’t actually live in your state, or do garage door repairs, or work for a garage door company. They are semi-professional writers who will extoll the virtues of your company online – for a price.

Here at Cottage Lake Garage Doors, we don’t play that game. Cottage Lake Garage Doors fixes garage doors, and writes about it. That’s the truth. Right now, I’m seated at a desk with both a dispatch map of Cottage Lake, and a Word program. In between dispatching garage door repairmen immediately to arrive at your place within the hour, and giving homeowners free estimates over the phone, I’m going to write 500 words about why you should choose Cottage Lake Garage Doors for all your garage door repairs.

The Virtues Of Cottage Lake Garage Doors Are Endless

For a professional copywriter, writing 500 words about garage doors and garage door repairs is a tough job. For the people who work at Cottage Lake Garage Doors, writing about our dynamic service company is a pleasure.

Cottage Lake Garage DoorsLook, we‘re already up to 240 words, and we haven’t even started. Cottage Lake Garage Doors has been installing, repairing and servicing garage doors and openers around town for over 20 years. When Cottage Lake Garage Doors fixes your garage door, it stays fixed. Part of our guarantee is that we’ll return, again and again, free of charge to make any adjustments – but we rarely have to honor it because we repair it right the first time.

When we first opened our little shop in Cottage Lake, the population of Cottage Lake was about half of what it is today, and most people in town owned one-piece tilt-up garage doors made of wood. In fact, we just got a call from a homeowner on Avondale with one of those antique tilt-up garage doors, and he referred to it as “shinbuster,” because it bangs your shins when it lifts outward. OUCH!!! Whose idea was that?????

Cottage Lake Garage Doors Is Synonymous With Quality

At Cottage Lake Garage Doors, we wonder if those semi-professional copywriters that work for the big-box call-center garage door services even know what a shinbuster is…or a force setting…or an encased garage door spring.

Oh heck, it’s almost time to go, and we’re not even finished with the horn tooting. So please, just call Cottage Lake Garage Doors because we’re honorable, principled, ethical, upright, righteous, steadfast, competent, seasoned, capable, accomplished, professional, on the ball, expert, qualified, up to snuff and up to speed, talented, trustworthy, punctual, conscientious, meticulous, expeditious, precise, prompt, reliable, scrupulous, beyond compare, paramount, peerless, foremost, greatest, terrific, outstanding…is that 500 words yet? Just made it, but to go a little further: Call Cottage Lake Garage Doors today, because we give you garage door repairs starting at just $29!

Cottage Lake Garage Doors

Cottage Lake Garage Doors Satisfaction Guarantee

Did your last garage door company guarantee your satisfaction? Our returning cutomers know we do, but for our new customers, answer yourself that important question, because Cottage Lake Garage Doors does.

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